4 May 2016

Fratelli Ferrara srl

Fratelli Ferrara SRL was founded in 1975 and thanks to its experience gained in the field and making use of new technologies it has managed to establish itself on the international market both for the production of Perforated Belts with a maximum width of mm. 900 and of perforated tubes from a diameter of 12 mm to a Max of mm. 140.

The company has an in-house state-of-the-art equipment department capable of satisfying every need in a very short time, in order to drastically reduce the delivery times of the finished product.

The establishment extends on an area of ​​approximately 4,000 m², of which 2,000 m² are covered. Inside there are 2 departments, one suitable for the production of perforated sheet metal belts and the other for the production of perforated pipes.

Fratelli Ferrara SRL, in addition to offering a wide range of Standard productions, is able to manufacture the equipment required for particular production upon request based on the customer's design, so as to satisfy every need.

Since 2019, a new line of Laser Tube cutting has expanded the machine park, allowing with laser technology to guarantee precise and customized cuts on tubulars, both for small and large batches. Fratelli Ferrara SRL is also attentive to environmental protection: in 2011 a 115 KW photovoltaic system was installed to cover the establishment for production needs, which significantly reduces the negative impact on the surrounding environment.

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