6 May 2016


The company policy is to give its customers quality products following them with professionalism and competence.

Tube and Pipe Processing

As of today we own a LASER cutting line and a SIMEC cutting line, both with the possibility of cutting all diameters up to 220 mm, with cycling tubes brushing to eliminate cutting scraps.

We are able, thanks to the technology applied on our machinery, to perforate the pipe according to your needs, with a diameter ranging from 15 to 220 mm.
We are also able to carry out finishing processes such as: flaring, widening, tapering, bending and cross closures.

Examples and processing method

Belt Perforation

Our five belt perforation lines equipped with PLC guarantee high quality perforations.

We are able to practice perforations with holes ranging from 3616564_xla 3 mm diameter on aluminised strips, pickled and AISI.
We can also make slots and various shapes following your designs and needs.

Examples and processing methods

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